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Mahmutlar is a beautiful and prestigious resort town located 12 km east of Alanya. The population in Mahmutlar changes in the summer and winter season. In the winter time the population is around 20.000 but in the summer season the population is coming up to 80.000 inhabitants . In Mahmutlar 3.500 foreigners lives permanently (generally Dutch, Irish, Russian and German).


Mahmutlar has three main streets: Atatürk Street, Barbaros Street and the central coastal street. Every 15 minutes there is public transport on these streets.


Besides of the quality buildings and well city planning Mahmutlar draws attention with its large green areas. In those green areas you can find banana, bean and aubergine planting. Bananas are the most planted trees in Mahmutlar.


You will feel at home in Mahmutlar because of its unique beauty of nature, clean coastline, blue sea water, technological infrastructure, quality buildings, wide streets and friendly people.

Distance to Alanya - 12 km
Distance to Antalya Airport - 135 km
Distance to Gazipaşa Airport - 35 km



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