Buy Property in Turkey

To start a new life, a growing number of people from foreign countries are settled in Turkey for work or retirement . The last fourteen years Turkey has considerably changed dramatically inside and modernization process has been realized in some areas very quickly.

The unique geographical location, rich and deep history with a reputation as the cradle of different cultures and civilizations, Turkey is a privileged option for foreign citizens and their families.

Turkey is among the countries where new residents from England, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, France, Russia, the US and comes several Gulf countries are setteling. Foreign buyers and investors from all over the world are able to purchase and sale real estate in Turkey.

It showed a very rapid development of the real estate sector in Turkey, where housing options are available that will appeal to all income levels. There are a variety of alternatives, from apartments in city centers to detached houses in suburbs and luxury residences where extensive services are available. Especially in modern housing projects in big cities, all facilities such as private security, playgrounds, sports areas, social facilities, parking and shopping center are offered to residents to meet the needs of city life.

Turkey's rapidly developing infrastructure shows itself especially in the transport sector. With more than 50 airports nationwide, passengers can travel to most destinations in less than an hour. With the highways, it is very convenient to reach the big cities by road. In addition, high-speed train projects have been implemented in the last decade. The 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic in 2023, Turkey's 14 largest city is to connect with one another high-speed train line.

Various reform steps have been taken in the last decade in the education system in Turkey. Twelve years of compulsory education and the rapidly increasing number of schools and training facilities are the most important steps, as well as many private and foundation schools or public school education in Turkey. In addition, there are also international schools where only foreign students can study. In addition leading European languages ​​such as English, German, French and Italian, there are also institutions in Russian, Japanese or Chinese.

Hospitals in Turkey; there are public hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals. Although social security and health systems are mainly regulated by the state, private health insurance is also possible. An important part of public or private hospitals in Turkey, serves as the international standards of infrastructure and expertise.

Turkey; hobby offers many alternatives in terms of entertainment, culture and art activities. Especially in big cities, it is possible to participate in many cultural activities such as cinema, theater, concert, ballet, modern dance, opera and exhibition, as well as traditional entertainment activities and local festivals throughout the country.

In addition to sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, there are also alternative sports facilities such as golf, mountaineering, scuba diving, rafting, skiing and yachting.

Turkey Located in the center of different civilizations, to take place at the transition point as the climate, it makes it possible to make different activities simultaneously in different regions. For example, while skiing in one area, it is possible to swim in another region on the same day.


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