How do I get residence from Turkey?


* A file is created for the residence process and the date of appointment is received and the person need to go to the residence office on the appointment date and then the process is terminated. Your residence card will be delivered to your address by mail within 1 month.

Required documents in the file to be created;

• Application form (to be filled with the authorized person in our company)

• Visa documents (electronic visa document) with Turkey entry date or Turkey entry stamp in passport

• Photocopy of the passaport

• Tax number

• The tax payable related to the residence will be paid and the receipt will be taken and added to the file (tax amount  varies from time to time and also varies by country. Min: 20 € max: 500 €)

• A copy of the Title Deed

• 4 biometric photographs

• Address document (official document showing the address of your property)

• Health insurance (maximum 2 years to be valid in all public and private hospitals and health services in Türkiye. Applies to persons between the ages 18-65. (Aged between 18-35 costs are 40 € to 80 € / Aged between 35-65 costs are 80 € to 200 €)

* The residence permits obtained with the purchase of Title Deeds are maximum 2 years. The residence permits, which have expired, you can extend with the same procedure and documents for a period of 2 years.

NOTE: Our company provides free assistance to all of these official transactions together with our professional staff.

* Foreign persons who have completed their period of residence permit for 5 years in Turkey will have the right to be citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

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